MORE Cubicles

Sep 20, 2019

MORE Cubicles

Life by Prospec’s latest, full height range brings together all that we’ve learnt about cubicle design, manufacture and installation over the course of the last forty years. That’s why we call it MORE.

With so much to offer, no other name seemed to do it justice.

A full-height cubicle system with a huge range of beautiful, real wood veneer finishes or High Pressure Laminate in a whole spectrum of RAL colours.

MORE Attention to Detail

A solid foundation is essential for any cubicle system built to last. MORE is 44mm thick with a rock solid core that provides the kind of stability our engineers demand. This enables our designers to achieve a precise, aerospace-style accuracy of just 4mm on all closure gaps.

Such attention to detail may sound obsessive but it is this culture of attention to detail on the part of our designers and installers that justifies our reputation as perfectionists and ensures that all of our systems work straight out of the box, all of the time

MORE Bespoke

It’s our ‘perfectionist’ mindset that comes into its own when bespoke fitting our systems to a new location. Every fitting of a ‘full height’ cubicle can justifiably be described as a bespoke project, because no two sites are ever the same. However, with Prospec and, with this system in particular, there’s more to it.

MORE Means Less

With MORE there’s less to worry about. And less to see. No unattractive clip-brackets, screw heads, channels, legs or supports on show – only discreet and elegant user friendly, minimal door furniture, beautifully engineered in best brushed stainless steel.

MORE Engineering

Prospec cubicle systems are built to last and engineered to take the day to day knocks and abuse of both normal and heavy-traffic usage in their stride, without needing a constant round of upgrades and servicing.

MORE Choice of Finish

Here are just a few of the more popular veneers that we use. The list is long but if your eyesight’s good enough, you can probably see the actual number in the colourblindness test on the left. Creating the perfect vision in wood veneer takes a good pair of eyes. Choosing and, more critically, matching veneers amounts to an acquired art and it takes years of practice to become an expert.

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